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What makes your Trailer Advertising different from those of the past?

  • Trailer Advertising used to be limited to the physical sides (or rear) of trailers and it not only proved to be costly for the customer but a logistical nightmare to remove/replace in a timely manner for the carrier.
  • Trailer Skirt Ads patent pending removal/replacement system changes all of that and allows advertisers the flexibility and unique advertising medium that their money deserves.

What trucking company will be transporting my ad?

  • Prime Inc. is the largest refrigerated, flatbed, tanker, intermodal &logistics trucking company and provides the state of the art trailer equipment for Trailer Skirt Ads.
  • Prime has been in business since 1970 and has a reputation for having the cleanest and safest fleet on the nation’s highways.
  • Prime’s un-tethered trailer tracking technology helps provide ad customers with detailed reports.

What if my ad gets damaged?

  • Trailer Skirt Ads will replace all damaged ads immediately at no cost. We will also change out the damaged ad at the time of damage, so there is zero transit with advertisement in bad shape.